Safety - Heavy pollen, rain spots, salt stains from winter or just bug debris that is in the way of your view and your blind spots can be hazardous to your safety. Having a clean car with clear windows will help avoid possible accidents giving you the confidence you need to drive safely wherever you go.

Health - Are you or your family allergic to pollen? If your car isn't washed weekly during spring/pollen season. You are getting yourself exposed to pollen entering your vehicle whenever you open your  doors. Keep you car clean to avoid seasonal allergies that effect you and your family.

Value - Maintaining a clean car and not allowing debris or containment's to eat away your paint will retaining a higher resell value than one that hasn't been taken care of well. Don't wait to the point that its too late. Repainting and repairing will cost more than a weekly maintenance.

Image - The vehicle you drive is a reflection of you and your company. Keeping your car clean at all times gives you the confidence and reassurance you need for your personal or professional needs.