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I am extremely satisfied with the service. Felix goes above and beyond professionalism. My car did not look this new when it was new. I intend to give this place five stars on Google as well. It is a shame that he does not have more reviews on Google, because he is top notch.
Abraham S. [ Tesla Model 3 ]

I don't think it's possible to overstate how satisfied I am with Felix and his team. I don't think it's possible for them to have done anything better, they went BEYOND the scope of what even the most exceptional shops do. Even when I was settling the bill and having a wrap up conversation with Felix, one of his people is on a step ladder with a small measuring stick making sure the roof has been coated just right. They're lunatics for perfection.
Ethan H. [ Subaru Crosstrek ]

Felix has an amazing service that allows you to live your life and not have to worry about looking your best, or at least in regards to your car. He is extremely sincere and even went to the dealership to wax my new car as soon as I purchased it to ensure that it would be protected. He always goes the extra mile and has kept my Maserati and Range Rover in excellent condition. I recommend Felix 100% to anyone with any car.
Alex W. [ Maserati Ghibli ][ Range Rover Sport HST ]

Felix has been detailing my car since I purchased my vehicle from Park Ave BMW back in august. His knowledge of paint, cleaners and methods of cleaning are incredible. He suggested I get an opti-coat sealant for the vehicle to protect the finish to keep it looking new and it has been well worth it, every time he comes to clean my vehicle it still keeps that show room shine. I have even used Felix to clean vehicles for my clients and they have all been pleased with his work. I highly recommend Felix. Top notch work!!
Dan D. [ BMW X4 ]

Hi Felix. I want to thank you for your extraordinary service and the work you do for us.  Felix, you and your company are nothing short of exceptional in customer service, diligence, and most importantly in the work you do.  The cars are always ‘showroom’ ready.  Not to mention the products you use are eco-friendly as well.  You can always be counted on to provide the amazingly clean service in a timely manner.  It’s also incredible that you come to the showroom and make it very easy for us, and your competitive pricing just absolutely seals the deal.
Lev K., Tesla Manager @ Westchester, NY

Felix’s services are top notch! He uses top of the line equipment and cleaning products to make sure your car stands apart. My 240Z was detailed and waxed to a level more than I could have expected. I will definitely continue to use Felix’s services in the future, no questions asked.
[ Nissan 240Z ]

For Tesla, Felix’s services are tenfold better than what a standard car wash can offer. We were taking our cars weekly to get washed, which wasted time and resources. Having him and his team come and clean our vehicles on site has been a major convenience, and the quality of the wash is much better. Felix is very enthusiastic about his work, and will make sure his detailing is of the highest quality before he’s done. I would recommend Felix’s service to anyone with one car, or fleet of cars!
Sean O., Tesla Manager @ Short Hills Mall

Always Clean Mobile Car Wash has consistently impressed me with their high quality of work, competitive pricing, and prompt communication.  Felix is both pleasant and helpful, and he leaves my car looking its best every time.  I look forward to using Always Clean Cars services for a long time.
Ary S. [ Mercedes CLA250 ]

I would highly recommend using Always Clean Cars to anyone in the area. Felix and his partner were on time and completed a HUGE task of cleaning a 32 foot roadshow truck within 2 hours. Our truck is a very intricate unit to clean because it is made with different materials such as laminate, Plexiglas, vinyl, graphics, solid surface countertops and chrome. They went the extra mile by making sure that minor details were taken care of in the short time they had to complete the job. Our truck was located inside a manufacturing facility on the production floor, so we had to make sure that there was not a mess afterward. Felix and his partner were very tidy and asked me for permission for where to plug in and where to put their supplies. I appreciate the hard work they did for us, and we will not hesitate to use them anytime we are back in the area!
Lauren J. [ Harting Semi-Truck ]

I am a very busy individual, and own multiple businesses, needless to say I don't have much time to drive my cars to a hand wash and when I do the Carwash is closed. My buddy Anthony told me about this mobile Carwash and how good of a job they do. I must admit I was a skeptic at first, but wanted to try it. I reached out the Felix the owner and he was really nice and accommodating. He agreed to come to my house at a specific time and wash my car. I came out when he was done and was completely floored. Not only was my car clean, it was cleaner than any car wash could get it. I immediately set up a schedule for Felix to come once a week and he accommodated my schedule every single week. I had another difficult job for him as I was using my Jeep Wrangler in my landscaping company because one of our trucks broke. This jeep was an absolute mess. I asked Felix to detail it and came out a few hours later to see what looked like A brand new jeep!!! I was floored again and said to myself I would never use another Carwash again. I have recommended always clean to all of my friends, and they all love it. It's very convenient and literally the best car wash I have ever gotten. 5 stars for Felix and always clean!!!
Ryan H. [ BMW M4 ]

Before I was referred to Felix, I use to drive a few towns away to my favorite car wash.  I’m very particular with how my car is washed and would never use a machine wash.  I thought the hand wash establishment that I used for months did an impressive job until I met Felix and used Always Clean for the first time. His knowledge of technique and products he uses are top notch. The quality of the wash and clean does not compare to my previous favorite car wash facilities.  Felix has been accommodating and I highly appreciate the work that has put into my BMW 5 series from a simple wash to a paint correction and detail.  I highly recommend him and have been doing so with my friends and family.
Anthony S. [ BMW 535 ]

We started off with just getting one of our cars washed with Felix.  After seeing the great job he did, we started having him come to our house and wash all four of our cars.   My neighbor was so impressed they started to use him as well.  From there we had him wax and detail all of the cars before the summer.  When he came back a few weeks later to wash one of the cars he was so impressed on how well the car looked after having it waxed and how long the car stayed clean.  I’m so glad to have Felix keep our cars clean.  I will never go to a car wash again. Felix is very professional, respectful and punctual.  He puts compassion into taking care of the cars like they are his own.
— Rick + Maria U. [ Cadillac ATS ][ Ford Fusion ][ Ford Explorer ][ Toyota Camry ]

I recently leased a new BMW and was nervous about bringing it to a car wash, plus working two jobs gives me no time to frequent a car wash. I wasn't sure what I was going to do as far as keeping it clean and Always Clean has been a lifesaver! I am able to continue with my schedule while walking out to a perfectly clean car. Every time it is washed by Always Clean the car looks brand new again and not a scratch on it. I am very please and will continue to use them!
Amaris T. [ BMW 435 ] 

Just a quick thank you for cleaning my car as promised. Your service is so convenient for me, kind of like multi-tasking. I get to work out and my car gets cleaned. I am so glad I signed up for the weekly washing.
Rowena [ MB GL550 ]

I used Always Clean last week and my 2015 Explorer has never looked better.  I work from home and have a 1 year old son that I have a sitter for but help watch too, so to have a mobile wash service come to me is extremely helpful.  The owner, Felix, and 1 other employee washed my car.  Felix is a super friendly guy and very professional.  Four days after this wash i was really able to tell the difference between these guys and conventional washes; this time my paint still has that new shine to it.  I will continue to use these guys and highly recommend anyone here give them a shot, you'll be hooked too.
Sam L. [ Ford Explorer ]

"Thanks for the wash yesterday. Car looked great, amazing you could do it right there in the lot." — Paul B. [ BMW 530i ]

"Hi Felix, Thank you so much. The car looked great last night!" — Roger A. • Hyundai Sonata

"You did such a good job, I brought my wife's car today for a clean." — John Z. [ VW EOS ]

"The car looked good when done last week and I’m sure to use your services again." — Michael P. [ BMW 535 ]

"Awesome job, my car shine was amazing." — Peter C. • BMW 535

"Felix, The car looked fantastic!!!!  I can't thank you enough for making the special trip today to get the car done."
Ken S. [ Chevy Trailblazer ]

"Looks beautiful." — Jack T. [ Toyota Highlander ]

"Felix looks good!" — Joseph P. [ Audi A6 ]

"Felix. Great Job on the car wash… I will definitely promote it tomorrow morning on line while waiting for the bus. Thank you again." Frank S. [ Jeep Liberty ]

"Thanks a lot !" — Bob M [ Land Rover LR3 ]

"Thanks for the car wash! Car looked great! So nice to come home to a clean car!" — Nicole F., [ GMC Terrain ]

"Thanks Felix! My car has never been so clean. It looks great and it was all done while I was at work. Best of luck with the new business and I will definitely use Always Clean again in the future." — John Z [ Acura TL ]