A complete line of interior & exterior ceramic protection professionally installed for the ultimate™ results. Opti-coat products keep your car looking like new, every day.


Opti-Coat Pro+

The Opti-Coat Pro Plus Ceramic Paint Protection package now delivers even more gloss and slickness than ever before, while still maintaining the same chemical structure that has made it renowned as the ultimate protective paint coating.

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Opti-Coat Pro

Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.


Optimum Paint Guard

Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint coating that protects paint surfaces from bird droppings, acid etching and other corrosive substances that can damage car paint.

Opti-lens Coating

Optimum Opti-Lens Coating is the most advanced polymer system that is specifically designed for the protection of headlight lenses.


Opti-Glass Pro

Opti-Glass Pro promotes safety by increasing visibility during inclement weather driving. additionally, it will increase chip resistance, scratch and mar resistance and protect from water staining.


Opti-Trim™ Restore & Protect

Opti-Trim™ Restore & Protect is a revolutionary two-part plastic trim coating system. It will permanently solve the ongoing issue of faded plastic trim to provide professional detailing quality.


Opti-Guard Leather

Opti-Guard Leather creates a hydrophobic coating to protect coated leather and vinyl surfaces from premature aging, cracking and other damage such as color transfer and staining.


Opti-Guard Fabric

Opti-Guard Fabric creates a superhydrophobic coating to protect fabric seats, carpets and other textile surfaces. When liquids come in contact with Opti-Guard Fabric, the surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibers to prevent removal during cleaning.